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Open Source Mapping and Site Design Workshop



Build Yourself, Build your World

The Open Source Mapping and Site Design workshop is an immersion 5 day experience in farm and landscape planning and design. We will go through a complete process of generating a site plan and map – geared especially at regenerative land use.
Participants will learn basic competence in open source Geographical Information Systems (GIS) software, open source aerial drone mapping, surveying, geolocating, data collection, planting design, and site design.
The tangible outcome are a baseline composite map, and an initial master plan for plantings, earthworks, ponds, and the built environment – as influenced by the nature of the site. The design framework will be based around principles of landscape architecture, Yeoman’s Scale of Permanence, keyline design, and regenerative agriculture.

Open Source Mapping Environment

Introduction to Geographic Information Systems



Geography of Landscape

Local Climete

Field Data Sampling

Drone Mapping


  • A gentle introduction to low cost DIY UAV mapping for farmers and site design. (Cristiano Giovando: Terraplan - Humanitarian Open Street Map)
  • Ground points settings
  • Drone Flights
  • Georeferencing and importing data from aerial images

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