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Free & OpenSource BigGeoData Processing Tutorials

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The content of the Spatial Ecology wiki is free and open source, (CC-BY-SA license) it can be used, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; You can remix, tweak, and build upon our work as long as you credit us and license your new creations under the identical terms. Please if you do so send us your feed backs.
Software we use have a GNU General Public License GPL or GPL / MIT compatible licenses. Acknowledgments

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Summer School Matera 2018
Geocomputation using free and open source software

Satisfactory survey
Partecipant List (check your student ID)

Internet Connection
Please use the internet connection only for searching material needed for the course. Avoid superfluous navigation such as facebook and youtube

WIFI 1 (ID students 1-6)

WifiName: VodafoneMobileWifi-38BD44
Password: 5427569146

WIFI 2 (ID students 7-12)

WifiName: VodafoneMobileWifi-359741
Password: 3777265110

WIFI 3 (ID students 13-18)
(If you can rather then the wifi use the LAN - see below)

WifiName: UnibasFree
Password: Matera18

LAN (static IP) (ID students 19-25)
(if you can not set the LAN login to UnibasFree)

IP: ## select a number from 11 to 30
Subnet mask:


Date: November 20, 2015
Speaker: Giuseppe Amatulli:
Analyst/Developer in Spatial Biodiversity Science Ecology/Evolutionary Biology - Yale University
Topic: “Big Data meets Geo-Computation: combining research reproducibility and processing efficiency at Yale”
Codes development of all the projects carry on at Yale University.Each single point cluster identify a project and each point in the cluster represent a scripting procedure.
The animation has been produce by Gource with the following code line
 gource --file-idle-time 0 -s 1 --auto-skip-seconds 1 --stop-at-end --title BTClient --output-ppm-stream - -r 25 /tmp/.git/ | ffmpeg -y -r 25  -f image2pipe -vcodec ppm -i -  -vcodec libx264 -preset medium -vprofile baseline -level 3.0 -pix_fmt yuv420p gource.mp4

Geo-Computation in Linux environment

Geo-Computation in Linux environment - Germany 2017

Questionnaire Austin

Questionnaire Sydney

We support and sponsor summer schools and GNU open sources initiatives:

  • OSGeo-Live is a self-contained bootable DVD, USB thumb drive or Virtual Machine based on Lubuntu. In particular we are using the the Virtual Machine for all ours courses.
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