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Template for project poposal


  • Download the Ubuntu_05062010.7z compressed file. This file is 3 825 866 333B (3.56 GB), be sure that you download the full file.
  • Create a new folder on your c: disk and rename it as an example “virtualOS”
  • Take out the zip extention, by renaming the file
  • Extract ( by the Ubuntu05062010.7z file in your C:\virtualOS\ folder. The virtualOS folder will contain ~9 GB of unpacked data. The extracting procedure is quite long less the 1 hour. * Download and install the wmware player suitable for your OS. * Open the vmware player, click on open a Virtual Machine; select C:\virtualOS\ubuntu050602010\Ubuntu.vmx and click on play virtual machine and select I copied option if requested by vmware player
  • Create a folder in windows C:\vmdata enable the sharing option. This it will be the folder that the students can use to communicate between MW and LinuxVM. * On vmware player select VM\settings\options\shared folders and select always enabled and under the path select the C:\vmdata folder.
  • On the desktop of the Ubuntu VM there is a folder called sharedonws. Confirm that the folder is linked with the C:\vm_data
  • The root password for the VMUbuntu is “user”


SurnameFirstnameAffiliationCountryEmail addressProject idea
AltinokaAlperDepartment of Plant Protection, Agriculture Faculty, Erciyes
ÅströmJensDepartment of Ecology, SLUSwedenjens.astrom@ekol.slu.seExplain and predict abundance and distribution patterns of bumblebees and butterflies in southern Norway
AuffretAlistairDepartment of Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology, Stockholm of a grassland specialist plant in the rural landscape after restoration from abandoned grasslands and arable fields
BergstenArvidSystems Ecology, Stockholm study habitat networks in forests in Northern Sweden (has forest data)
BodartCatherineGlobal Environment Monitoring Unit, Institute for Environment and Sustainability, Joint Research Centre – European vegetation cover changes in Africa
BukontaiteRasaKlaipeda University Coastal research and planning instituteLithuaniarasa@corpi.ku.ltSpread pathways of zebra mussel in the Lithuanian waters
EndresenDagNordic Genetic Resources Center, Lund - Department of Agricultural Sciences, Life Sciences, University of CopenhagenSweden - Denmarkdag.endresen@nordgen.orgAssociation between agronomical trait data for plan genetic resources (primitive cultivars, landraces and crop
EspindolaGiovana Mira National Institute for Space Research (INPE), Institute for Geoinformatics (ifgi)
HansenLine BlockDMU, University of AarhusDenmarklbc@dmu.dkAnalysis of the phosphorus Index in DK or Odense Å Catchment area only
HeimesChristineDepartment of Agriculture and Ecology, Faculty of Life SciencesDenmarkchristineheimes@life.ku.dkAnalysing the geographic mosaic of Barbarea vulgaris-polymorphs in Denmark (and neighbouring countries) with linkage to local plant and herbivore communities
IpsenSusan NasirumbiDepartment of Computer Science, University of
KonradMariaDMU, University of AarhusDenmarkmthk@dmu.dkSpatial heterogeneity in the effect of implementing water pollution abatement measures
MwakalukwaEzekiel EdwardForest & Landscape, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of CopenhagenDenmarkeem@life.ku.dkSpacial distribution of biomass in forests
PalmuErkkiDepartment of Chemical Ecology, Lund analysis – studying dispersal of natural enimies such as Carabids in agricultural landscapes
PetersenToke Emil PanduroForest & Landscape, Life Sciences, University of CopenhagenDenmarktepp@life.ku.dkSpacio-temporal dynamics
PradasMarta CirachCenter of Research in Environmental Epidemiology (CREAL)Spainmcirach@creal.catAir pollution modelling using different predictor variables such as land uses, trafic data, population, altitude
SonThijs Christiaan vanDepartment of Biology and Natural History Museum, University of OsloNorwaythijs@bio.uio.noHabitat suitability modeling of molluscan fauna in the Oslofjord
TimmermannAllanDepartment of Biological Sciences, Aarhus
TrubinsRenatsSouthern Swedish Forest Research CentreSwedenrenats.trubins@ess.slu.seAnalysis with k-NN classified satellite sciences for Sweden
WittwerTorbenDepartment of Earth & Ecosystem Sciences, Lund do land-use pattern determine the distribution of butterflies in Sweden?
YangZhenlinLund modelling of the vegetation pattern in Northern Sweden

Pasword and login

Ubuntu 10.04 virtual machine
login user
password user

login unidk2010
password unidk2010

Satisfactory survey

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