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Exercise 2b: Landsat spectra of golf courses

In this exercise the following tools will be used:

  • pktools: pkextract, pkstatogr
  • bash: for loop, redirection (> and »)
  • gdal/ogr tools: ogr2ogr

This exercise is similar to exercise 2a and shows the difference in phenology between forest and a golf course
Extract golf course and reproject to EPSG:3035 (ETRS89/LAEA)

ogr2ogr -t_srs epsg:3035 -where 'NAME like "Golf course:%"' ${OUTPUTDIR}/exercise2/cornwall_golf_3035.shp ${VECTORDIR}/cornwall_poi.shp

Extract Landsat spectra from golf courses in Cornwall (mean value for each polygon)

pkextract -i ${LANDSATDIR}/${LANDSATIMG} -s ${OUTPUTDIR}/exercise2/cornwall_golf_3035.shp -o ${OUTPUTDIR}/exercise2/golf_landsat.shp

Calculate statistics using pkstatogr

pkstatogr -i ${OUTPUTDIR}/exercise2/golf_landsat.shp -n B0 -n B1 -n B2 -n B3 -n B4 -n B5 -n B6 -n B7 -mean -stdev| awk '{print $4,$6}' > ${OUTPUTDIR}/exercise2/golf_landsat_mean_stdev.txt

Plot the profiles in gnuplot (click here for the code)

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