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Exercise 4d: Create animation of NDVI time series

In this exercise the following tools will be used:

  • bash: for loop
  • ImageMagick: animate, convert, display

Animate a number of TIF files as a movie using ImageMagick (animate)

animate -delay 50 $(for file in ${OUTPUTDIR}/exercise4/20*-MODIS500_CW_NDVI.tif;do echo $file;done)

Create a movie for the same animation using ImageMagick (convert)

convert -delay 50 $(for file in ${OUTPUTDIR}/exercise4/20*-MODIS500_CW_NDVI.tif;do echo $file;done) -loop 0 ${OUTPUTDIR}/movie.gif 

Play just created movie (display)

display ${OUTPUTDIR}/movie.gif 
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