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GDAL is a command-line library that can be used for raster data pre-processing.
OGR is a command-line library that can be used for vector data.
Why use gdal and ogr?

  • Several raster and vector applications are already available in your shell.
  • They support all the different raster and vector formats.
  • Command line.
  • Can be combined in a bash language and therefore integrate in a script.
  • You can create your geo-tools.
  • Very fast
  • They are the basic libraries that GRASS use to import and export data.

You can access to gdal/ogr command by typing gdal or ogr and then press Tab twice. A list of all the gdal commands will be listed.

The projection types are defined by the EPSG codes. They are used to define and change a projection. A list of the EPSG codes can be found here

GDAL and OGR Tutorials

GDAL and OGR exercises

These exercises use the scripts and data stored in ~/ost4sem/exercise/basicadvgdalogr

You can open the scripts by kate and copy/paste the lines to the terminal.

You can can also interact with the shell using other commands and inserting comments in the editor.
You can run it directly by:

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