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Basic Gnuplot script

Script: open a new document by kate and save it to ~/ost4sem/exercise/basic_adv_gnuplot/
Data: ~/ost4sem/exercise/basic_adv_gnuplot/aver_month_nuts3.asc
Directory: ~/ost4sem/exercise/basicadvgnuplot

Do it by yourself

Migrate to ~/ost4sem/exercise/basicadvgnuplot

Using the syntax of the previous pages try to solve the following task:
Use the file avermonthnuts3.asc and plot AVFWI and AVDSR.
Speed up the process by sampling the data by awk.
Are the two variables correlated?
Make a 3D plot using AVFFMC AVDMC AV_ISI, sampling the data using awk.
Rotate the graphics and find out if there are some outliers.

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