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Sent: 03 October 2013 09:36

Hi all, A great PhD course to expand your ecological toolbox with open-source software.
I went on this course in Copenhagen in 2010, and it was certainly the best and most useful course I took as a PhD student.

  • Dag Endresen
    Knowledge Systems Engineer at Global Biodiversity Information Facility

Dag has endorsed your work as Intensive trainings in Spatial Ecological Modeling at

Dear stefano,
I followed the excellent PhD course on Open Source Tools for Spatial Ecology Modeling organized by Stefano Casalegno and Guiseppe Amatulli.
Thanks for an excellent course!
I have made valuable use of the new skills I acquired.


  • …>
    Date: 20 January 2012 14:54
    Subject: RE: Satisfactory survey
    To: Giuseppe Amatulli

    Hi Giuseppe,
    I hope you had a good flight back! I have already filled in the satisfactory survey and here there are some comments in addition: the course gives the opportunity to get familiar with open source tools. It is very well prepared. I like that the theory is focus on the main knowledge and the code is taught using examples and exercises. If the course was longer, I would like to do more exercises especially using R and GRASS or a project to face all the steps (preparing data, exploring, modelling, graphing, etc.) but in one week, students should be able to go on by self-learning hopefully.

  • …
    19 Dec 2011
    to me, Stefano

    Hi Giuseppe and Stefano,

    I forwarded the email to the PhD students at my department. I hope you get enough people together. Thanks again for a great course in Copenhagen last year. I'm still on Ubuntu, but mainly only using R from the course. I never really got the hang of GRASS, but I've been getting into postGIS recently, which is also pretty cool.

    Happy Christmas!

    PhD Student
    Landscape Ecology
    Department of Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology
    Stockholm University

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    19 Dec 2011
    to me

    Hi Giuseppe,

    I have forwarded an recommended this course to a couple of fellow PhD students here in Oslo. Unfortunately the e-mail came a little late for them to participate. I will keep forwarding e-mails of courses in the future.

    Good luck with the course and I wish you happy holidays before that!

    PS! I am still using linux as my main OS. I am also using GRASS still but I am using R more and more, also for spatial analysis … There is so much you can do in R!

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    16 Apr 2012

    Hello to everybody!
    Good to know that you (Giuseppe) are well in the north American middle west! Things are moving fast!
    Thank you for the course, I think with the time we really realize the usefulness of what we learned!

My Linux usage: In my laptop I have Ubuntu (as you know!) and a virtual machine with Windows (for the complex word documents). In my PC from the office I have still Windows, the Ubuntu is over a virtual machine (generated with the VirutalBox software). Right now I’m going as well into python (plus GDAL and NumPy), as I’m working more with matrices. The first thing I just finished, is an application for a friend: it consist in orthorectifying aerial photographs (from an helicopter), using the external geometry of the acquisition (the angles, etc.) and the DEM (terrain elevations).
Best wishes!

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