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The following environment variables should be set in the terminal before doing the exercises.

export MODIS500DIR=/home/user/week2/MODIS500
export MODIS250DIR=/home/user/week2/MODIS250
export LANDSATDIR=/home/user/week2/LANDSAT^C
export LANDSATDIR=/home/user/week2/LANDSATDIR
export LANDSATIMG=19990724_L7E_IP_IW.tif
export FMAPDIR=/home/user/week2/FMAP2006
export VECTORDIR=/home/user/week2/cornwall_vector
export OUTPUTDIR=/home/user/week2/output

Create a script by writing these lines in a text file named

Make the script executable and execute the script

chmod u+x

In order to make scope of the variables visible to other processes, you have to run source (dot) on it (otherwise it is only visible to child processes)

. ./
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