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Remotely Sensed Vegetation Productivity: Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI)

1. Create a working directory of your choice

 mkdir /home/user/ost4sem/exercise/Alaska_NDVI

2. Setting the working directory & download landsat imagery

 cd /home/user/ost4sem/exercise/Alaska_NDVI

3. Convert the .hdf files to individual bands .tif

 for file in `gdalinfo Alaska.summer.2007.h06v02.doy153to242.v1.5.hdf | grep NAME | awk -F "=" '{print $2}'` ; do
    gdal_translate $file   ${file:77}"_2007".tif
 for file in `gdalinfo Alaska.summer.2008.h06v02.doy153to242.v1.5.hdf | grep NAME | awk -F "=" '{print $2}'` ; do
    gdal_translate $file   ${file:77}"_2008".tif

4. Create a 2007 and 2008 summer landsat composite -separate  -o SUMMER_TOA_2007.tif   Band1_TOA_REF_2007.tif Band2_TOA_REF_2007.tif Band3_TOA_REF_2007.tif Band4_TOA_REF_2007.tif -separate  -o SUMMER_TOA_2008.tif   Band1_TOA_REF_2008.tif Band2_TOA_REF_2008.tif Band3_TOA_REF_2008.tif Band4_TOA_REF_2008.tif 

5. Mask out cloud pixels

 pksetmask -i SUMMER_TOA_2007.tif -m ACCA_State_2007.tif --operator '=' --msknodata 1 --nodata -32768 -o SUMMER_TOA_2007_mask.tif
 pksetmask -i SUMMER_TOA_2008.tif -m ACCA_State_2008.tif --operator '=' --msknodata 1 --nodata -32768 -o SUMMER_TOA_2008_mask.tif

6. Crop composite images to region of interest

 gdal_translate -projwin 100735 2170503 175864 2098452 SUMMER_TOA_2007_mask.tif SUMMER_TOA_2007_mask_crop.tif
 gdal_translate -projwin 100735 2170503 175864 2098452 SUMMER_TOA_2008_mask.tif SUMMER_TOA_2008_mask_crop.tif

7. Create 2007 and 2008 NDVI -A SUMMER_TOA_2007_mask_crop.tif --A_band=4 -B SUMMER_TOA_2007_mask_crop.tif --B_band=3 --outfile=NDVI_2007.tif --type='Float32' --calc="(A.astype(float)-B)/(A.astype(float)+B)" --overwrite -A SUMMER_TOA_2008_mask_crop.tif --A_band=4 -B SUMMER_TOA_2008_mask_crop.tif --B_band=3 --outfile=NDVI_2008.tif --type='Float32' --calc="(A.astype(float)-B)/(A.astype(float)+B)" --overwrite  

8. Create a NDVI differnce image -A NDVI_2007.tif -B NDVI_2008.tif --outfile=NDVI_2007to2008_difference.tif --type='Float32'  --calc="(B-A)" --overwrite  
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