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 +====== Parallel R using foreach ​ ======
 +Material prepared by Stephen Weston\\
 +The object of the exercise is to calculate the Moran'​s I index (using R) inside the polygons of the poly\_fr\_10poly.shp shape file.\\
 +for this exercise you can enter in this directory
 +  cd /​home/​user/​ost4sem/​exercise/​basic_adv_gdalogr/​
 +and download this scripts
 +  wget https://​​selvaje/​spatial-ecology-codes/​master/​wiki/​R/​moran_par1.R
 +  wget https://​​selvaje/​spatial-ecology-codes/​master/​wiki/​R/​moran_par2.R
 +  wget https://​​selvaje/​spatial-ecology-codes/​master/​wiki/​R/​moran_par3.R
 +  wget https://​​selvaje/​spatial-ecology-codes/​master/​wiki/​R/​moran_par4.R
 +  wget https://​​selvaje/​spatial-ecology-codes/​master/​wiki/​R/​moran_seq1.R
 +  wget https://​​selvaje/​spatial-ecology-codes/​master/​wiki/​R/​moran_seq2.R
 +   cd /​home/​user/​ost4sem/​exercise/​basic_adv_gdalogr/​fagus_sylvatica/​*10poly.* ​ /​home/​user/​ost4sem/​exercise/​basic_adv_gdalogr/​
 +=== Sequential for loop ===
 +{{gh> ​  ​https://​​selvaje/​spatial-ecology-codes/​blob/​master/​wiki/​R/​moran_seq1.R}}
 +=== Insert the xy crop in the Sequential for loop. The mask command now is performed on smaller raster dataset ===
 +{{gh> ​  ​https://​​selvaje/​spatial-ecology-codes/​blob/​master/​wiki/​R/​moran_seq2.R}}
 +=== Foreach loop that "​sends"​ the full shape file and the full raster to the workers ===
 +{{gh> ​  ​https://​​selvaje/​spatial-ecology-codes/​blob/​master/​wiki/​R/​moran_par1.R}}
 +=== Foreach loop that "​sends"​ only one polygon per task and the full raster to the workers ===
 +{{gh> ​  ​https://​​selvaje/​spatial-ecology-codes/​blob/​master/​wiki/​R/​moran_par2.R}}
 +=== Foreach loop that "​sends"​ a chunk of polygons and the full raster to the workers ===
 +{{gh> ​  ​https://​​selvaje/​spatial-ecology-codes/​blob/​master/​wiki/​R/​moran_par3.R}}
 +=== Identify polygon groups, using the centroid in kmean cluster ===
 +Foreach loop that "​sends"​ polygons that belong to the same cluster and a cropped ​ raster (rasterDp) to the workers
 +{{gh> ​  ​https://​​selvaje/​spatial-ecology-codes/​blob/​master/​wiki/​R/​moran_par4.R}}
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