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 +====== Species Distribution Modelling ======
 +Species distribution modeling (SDM) ( or envelope-modeling,​ habitat modeling, environmental /
 +ecological niche-modeling) are spatially based models estimate the similarity of the conditions at any site to the conditions at the locations of known occurrence (and perhaps of non-occurrence) of a phenomenon. (reference Hijmans and Helith). They are used to predict species ranges, biomes, vegetation formations or otherfeatures occurrence with climate and environmental or auxiliary data as predictors. R has may libraries and algorithms to process Species Distribution Models.\\
 +==== Learn SDM in R ====
 +  * [[https://​​web/​packages/​dismo/​vignettes/​sdm.pdf| R vignette on SDM]] by Hijmans and Helith.
 +  * [[wiki:​spdistr1| SDM with generalized distribution models ]] By Adam M. Wilson ( original version) and adapted by Marta Jarzyna, October 2015
 +  * [[wiki:​spdistr2| Hierarchical Bayesian model for Species Distribution ]] By Adam M. Wilson, adapted by Marta A. Jarzyna, November 2015.
 +  * [[wiki:​forestmod | SDM with random forest classifier]] By S. Casalegno and G. Amatulli.
 +  * [[wiki:​vector_deseas| Landscape and Climate Data Logistic Model of Tsetse Distribution in Kenya]][[http://​​plosone/​article?​id=10.1371/​journal.pone.0011809 | Moore and Messina 2009]].\\
 +  * [[http://​​ost4sem/​lecture/​jrc24feb_2010.pdf| Lecture ]] Forest distribution and vulnerability modelling. S. Casalegno