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spatial-ecology data repository

spatial-ecology virtual machines comes with template data to practice scripting routines. During the training we are going provide different exercises based on the following datasets:

Raster data


Habitat suitability map of European common beech Fagus sylvatica (Fabaceae) according to different climatic scenarios - 1km res. - EPSG:3035 - GeoTIF format - European extent


Geo-morphological maps

This layers are derived from the SRTM digital elevation model - Italian extent - 1km res - EPSG:3035 - grass format stored @ ~/ost4sem/grassdb/europe/Vmodel/cellhd/ - grass raster format

 pr200ita =  minimum altitude within each sq km
 pr201ita =  maximum altitude within each sq km
 pr202ita =  mean altitudes 
 pr203ita =  altitude standard deviation
 pr204ita =  slope 
 pr205ita =  dominant orientation (north, south, east, west)

European and Italian map of natural vegetation

1km res - EPSG:3035 - grass raster format

 gdalinfo ~/ost4sem/grassdb/europe/Vmodel/cellhd/potveg_europe | head  
 gdalinfo ~/ost4sem/grassdb/europe/Vmodel/cellhd/potveg_ita | head  # italian extent

Map legend:
1. Boreal
2. Hemiboreal and Nemoral coniferous and mixed broadleaved coniferous
3. Alpine coniferous
4. Acidophylous oakwood and oak birch
5. Mesophytic deciduous
6. Beech
7. Mountainous beech
8. Thermophilous deciduous
9. Broadleaved evergreen
10. Coniferous mediterranean Anatolian and Macaronesian\\11. Mire and Swamp
12. Floodplain
13. Non Riverine alder, birch or aspen
14. Plantations and self exotic
16.Altitude and nordic grasslands
18. Glaciers

Annual mean temperature surface maps

European extent maps from the worldclim database. 1km res - EPSG:3035 - grass format - data stored @ ost4sem/grassdb/europe/Vmodel/cellhd/

 gdalinfo ost4sem/grassdb/europe/Vmodel/cellhd/pr101europe | head

Bioclimate surface maps

Italian extent maps from the worldclim database and derived data. 1km res - EPSG:3035 - grass format - data are stored @ ost4sem/grassdb/europe/Vmodel/cellhd/

 pr101ita = Annual Mean Temperature
 pr102ita = Mean Diurnal Range (Mean of monthly (max temp - min temp))
 pr103ita = Isothermality (pr102ita/pr107ita) (* 100)
 pr104ita = Temperature Seasonality (standard deviation *100)
 pr105ita = Max Temperature of Warmest Month
 pr106ita = Min Temperature of Coldest Month
 pr107ita = Temperature Annual Range (pr105ita-pr106ita)
 pr108ita = Mean Temperature of Wettest Quarter
 pr109ita = Mean Temperature of Driest Quarter
 pr110ita = Mean Temperature of Warmest Quarter
 pr111ita = Mean Temperature of Coldest Quarter
 pr112ita = Annual Precipitation
 pr113ita = Precipitation of Wettest Month
 pr114ita = Precipitation of Driest Month
 pr115ita = Precipitation Seasonality (Coefficient of Variation)
 pr116ita = Precipitation of Wettest Quarter
 pr117ita = Precipitation of Driest Quarter
 pr118ita = Precipitation of Warmest Quarter
 pr119ita = Precipitation of Coldest Quarter
 pr120ita = Year accumulated monthly mean temperatures
 pr292ita = Accumulated annual evapotranspiration (Thornwaite 1948)
 pr293ita = Box index
 pr294ita = Compensated summer ombrothermic index

pr1 to 119ENSA2a80 are a set of the same 19 bioclimatic maps for future projections scenarios in year 2080.

Soil parameter maps

Italian extent maps derived from the European soil database. 1km res - EPSG:3035 - grass format - data are stored @ ost4sem/grassdb/europe/Vmodel/cellhd/

   pr250ita = Limitation to agricultural use 
   pr254ita = Soil crusting class 
   pr255ita = Depth to rock 
   pr257ita = Topsoil available water capacity 
   pr258ita = Soil erodibility class 
   pr259ita = FAO-UNESCO Soil legend 
   pr262ita = Dominant parent material 
   pr264ita = Dominant surface textural class 
   pr265ita = Soil group from the World Reference Base 

Vector data

Administrative boundary

European country administrative boundary - EPSG:3035 - grass vector format

   ogrinfo ost4sem/grassdb/europe/EUforest/vector/country/

Plant distribution

Distribution of Pinus cembra (Pinaceae) in the alpine range data from the Euforgen database. - EPSG:3035 - grass vector format - data are

   ogrinfo ost4sem/grassdb/europe/PCEM/vector/pcem_euforgen/head

template .shp file



text files

Forest fire database

Include NUTS 3 country codes, year and months of fire occurrence, average temperature, humidity, precipitation, area burned and more info.
Data are stored @ ~/ost4sem/studycase/fire_risk/tables/input

png files

Small image files running from 12K to 41K size.

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