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University of Twente 2013

Project assignment

  • Please complete your personal project before Jan. 20th 2014.
    * Access your page by clicking at your name in the table below.
  • Edit your project by replacing TITLE with the title of your project and all the section afterwords.
  • Add your name, affiliation, keywords and an acronym if you like.
  • Do not leave residual text from the template. Remove them if not needed.
2 Elikana Kalumanga
3 Dirk Frederik Van
4 Ping
5Luis Eduardo Ramirez
9Omar Ali
10Haris Akram
13Norhakim Bin
14Xiaojing Wu
16Ryan Daniel
18Hamed Mehdi
19 Nandin-Erdene
20Agnieszka Helena
21Aart Van Der
22Ejiet John
24Helen Moor

Azure cloud intro

The spatial-ecology 2013 training in Enschede, The Netherlands, include 1,200 USD credit per student for processing data in the Azure cloud facility.
Windows Azure 180 day Student Passes have been funded by Microsoft Research, UK through a grant awarded to Dr. M.D. Sharma at the University of Exeter, UK. These passes will allow you access to Windows Azure with the following levels of service:

Windows Azure

  • Two small compute instances for Cloud Services or Virtual Machines
  • 70 GB of storage
  • 50,000,000 storage transactions
  • 10 Shared Websites/10 Shared Mobile Services
  • 500,000 Service Bus messages
  • 1,500 Service Bus Relay hours

SQL Database

  • Two 1-GB Web Edition databases

Data Transfers (per region)

  • 12 GB in
  • 12 GB out

The estimated total market value of each student pass is USD 1200.00
Your account will be valid during 6 months period and will allow you to learn cloud computation.
You need to create your own account to access the azure cloud. Please follow the instruction below:

Azure cloud registration

  • 1. If you do not have a Microsoft account or Microsoft outlook account, go to the Microsoft account web page and sign up. You will immediately receive an email to confirm registration.

Once you have the microsoft account registered:

  • 2. Go to the azure registration web page and sign in using the personal promo codes (see below). You'll need to give personal info (adress, email, …)
  • 3. One to two days after registering you will receive an email confirmation and you will be able to access your azoure account manager page and start using your cloud computation facility.

click on the manage windows.

  • 4. enter the email used to activate Microsoft account
  • 5. enter password
  • 6. click next trough the intro untill you rich the main azure page
  • 7. click virtual machin on the left menu
  • 8. select images on the top bar
  • 9. click brows on browse vm depot
  • 10. browse done the scroll bar until you find ost4twente and click next
  • west europe > create a new storage account > $IDtwente2013 > click complete icon (bottom right).

    $ID is your ID in the table of participants (see above)

  • 12. Go to virtual machine instances on the top bar
  • 13. click on Register on the lower bar
  • 14. click complete
  • 15. click on virtual machine instances then create virtual machine then from gallery then find ost4twente under my images then click next
  • 16. Virtual Machine name= nuvola
  • 17. user name = nuvola$IDP
  • 18. untick upload compatible ssh for authentication
  • 19. tick provide a password
  • 19. password= username (nuvola$IDP)
  • 20. click next
  • 21. rename cloud serviceDNSname nuvola$ID click next
  • 22. click next

administrative stuff

Azure pass codes to insert at the azure registration web page

nbrAzure passFirst NameSurnameE-MailCountry
2IHEDYYOH5NX8Elikana KalumangaNgallabaekalumanga@yahoo.comSweden
3CVVKQ3E1Y70X Dirk FrederikVan Apeldoorndirkva@gmail.comNetherlands
5VNQLY5GLSJMMLuis Eduardo Ramirez Camargoluis.ramirez-camargo@th-deg.deGermany
909GNEAKRF7V0Omar Ali Mohamedali.negen@gmail.comEgypt
101QLH6H6T45RWHaris AkramBhattibhatti23984@itc.nlNetherlands
13I1HYTMG1QPSSNorhakim BinYusofn.yusof@utwente.nlNetherlands
16V7T7TS94EKH7Ryan DanielClarkryan.clark@slu.seSweden
18G0O82VBP8W4WHamedMehdi Poorh.mehdipoor@utwente.nlNetherlands
200SJ99XDA18QLAgnieszka HelenaMalinowskaagnieszka.malinowska@wur.nlNetherlands
217V7V929TUOKSAartVan Der Lindenaart.vanderlinden@wur.nlNetherlands
221AO315YDP7MIEjiet JohnWasigewasige17285@itc.nlUganda
24S31JI0CF6UD8Helen Moor

We will use the cloud during the training course.

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