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Species Distribution Modelling

Patrick Shwager

Overlay and harmonize raster datasets to point data.
Extract a table of predictor variables in correspondence of the x y location of response point data.

  • point data occurrence of Campanula pula (endemic vascular plant species from Styria
  • dem resolution 10 m
  • mean annual temperature 50m res
  • mean global radiation 50m res
  • precipitation 50m res
  • vector polygon of area of interest
  • geology shape file

Zonal statistics

Thomas Kandler
Explore and find the right tool to perform zonal statistics at best.
Use Spatial Ecology template data and try different tools.

  • PKTools
  • R
  • Pytrhon Gdal

BigGeoData DEM Mosaic

Marco Girardello
Aster DEM 300GB : Aggregate and mosaic tiles of global DEM at lower resolution (30 m res).

Wheat variety mapping from UAV data

Juan Herrera
Extract more information from UAV :

  • Orthomosaic
  • Witch software orthomosaic and processing steps to process images and get the necessary info from the images

Plant disease detection

Anna Hampf

Automatic detection of plant disease.
Input data

  • 100000 geo location point data of plant diseases
  • soil maps profile (raster maps)

Link disease occurrence (point) to soil maps profile (raster maps).

Biotope Mapping from Orthophoto

Marianne Stoessel
Input data
Aerial Orthophoto Red Green NIR
Explore different data processing options (PKTools, Orfeo Toolbox or other) to perform:

  • Texture metrics
  • Automatic classification

Telemetry data Segmentation and Classification

Tina Zivec
Telemetry data for geology

  • Point data
  • LiDAR TLS data
  • Segmentation
  • Classification

Muti Chore Image Tiling with GDAL

Jakob Hagenauer
Use gdal library to perform tiling as with google tiles

  • Web Mobile application
  • gdaltotiles in multi chore to improve performance

Use multiprocessing python library to spawn processes across multiple platforms

Burned area mapping

Elago Nantana

  • Multi temporal satellite data.
  • Classify images for burned areas / fire occurrence mapping.

Multi Core Python scripting for Network Segmentation

Raphael Cere
Input data

  • Data Ectometric
  • Vector polygons

Qgis Plugin Development

Andrew Mercer
Start o learn how to build a Qgis plugin

  • read a file
  • Perform an operation

Point cloud data interpolation

Piero Campalani
X Y Z point data surface interpolation

  • Use python (or R) to interpolate data and re ingest those to java

Working with DEM

Antonio Perrone
Modify hight in DEM at specific X Y Z locations
Input data

  • DEM 5 m resolution
  • Point file where the height need to be increased

Use Grass and Qgis to modify the DEM.

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