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Application of MOD13Q1 data to detect phonological Variability and Trends of NDVI Time Series in Africa


Agricultural productivity in Africa is expected to change as a result of anticipated climate changes in the coming decades. In the recent years, Africa has witnessed periods of an exceptional drought, which may have affected plant leaf production, vegetation canopy properties and photosynthetic potential of important ecosystems. The overall aim of the project is to estimate the impact of climate change on phenology of terrestrial ecosystem

General framework of the analysis

  1. Background: what is all about and give a key biblio reference if available
  2. keywords: give key terms used and algorithm

Project objectives

Describe the output you target (c.f.: either calculate something, apply a model, produce one or a set of maps, graphics or tables issued from the processing of one or several data sources).

To learn how to automatically how to download time series MOD13Q1 data in bash environment To learn how to automatically extract summary statistics, metrics (SOS, length of season (LOS), maximum NDVI value (maxNDVI), and cumulated NDVI over the season (cum-NDVI)) and used in further spatial and temporal analysis


Describe your input data and their license of use if you know them.

Vector data

Raster data

Other data sources


Describe your script. If you use a specific algorithm link the bibliographic references.

Computational implementation

Some further explanation of the overall analyses and of each step paste your code here

- mycode
# Comment your code to make it more easy to understand. 
wget ftp://something.rar 
for file in *.tif ; do 
  echo $file ; gdalinfo -mm $file  | grep "Min/Max" 

Describe your second code if needed, what it does …

# my R code here

If you are modeling you might distinguish between

Model parametrization

Model prediction



Show us the output of the analyses upload images if needed with “add images” link in the upper bar of this window while editing

  • Map 1. bla bla bla bla …

  • Graphic 1. bla bla ok ok yes yes fantastic
    My graphic caption

Later on after the training you could improve the script and upgrade your wiki project page

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