Geodata courses

Spatial Ecology provides training in open-source software for geospatial data processing. Our courses are tailored to serve the needs of government, multi-lateral, corporate, educational and not-for-profit institutions.

We equip data analysts and programmers of all skill levels with the essential tools to master geodata research across various disciplines. For a synopsis of subjects taught on the course, please view this video

Our aim is to empower trainees to convert complex analyses into visualised outputs that are easily understood by non-technical decision makers and a wider range of audience. We are a non-profit organisation based in the United Kingdom.

Two events are scheduled for Spring 2024

Course: Geocomputation & Machine Learning for Environmental Applications (intermediate level)

Hackathon: Big Geospatial Data Hackathon with Open Infrastructure and Tools (advanced level)

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Geodataset: Hydrography90m