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Dr Alba N. Mininni

University of Basilicata, Italy
DiCEM - Dipartimento delle Culture Europee e del Mediterraneo: Architettura, Ambiente, Patrimoni Culturali

Alba is a food biotechnologist with expertise in molecular biology, gene expression and ionomic analysis, soil science and fruit quality.
Her research activity is mainly dedicated to the food safety’s molecular detection, soil microbial analysis and sustainable orchard management. Since 2012 till now she started a collaboration with the University of Basilicata through the research on “The effect of sustainable irrigation management on fruit quality”.


She obtained the degree of Food Biotechnology on 2006 at Padoa University. PhD (2011) in Veterinary Science at Padoa University dealing with “Response to cold stress in fish: transcriptome analysis of Sparus aurata (L.) exposed to low temperatures”.

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