Giuseppe Amatulli

Giuseppe is Director at Spatial-Ecology and leads the company’s product development and software programming.

An accredited GIS data scientist, Giuseppe has deep expertise in spatial modelling and software coding for environmental applications. He has a breadth of experience in GIS technologies, remote sensing, informatics, cluster and parallel computing, and statistics.

Giuseppe is proficient in applying complex modelling techniques to automate the analysis of high-resolution data under Linux-based platforms. He uses open-source programming languages and software such as GRASS, R, PYTHON, AWK, BASH, QGIS and CDO to engage with large datasets in a high-performance computing environment.

Giuseppe has held academic and advisory positions at Yale University, the European Commission and the University of Zaragoza. His coverage of the forestry and environmental sectors entails wildfire occurrence risk and pattern recognition, climate-driven ecological shifts and geo-engineering scenarios, flora and fauna distribution, and hydrographical applications. Notably, he runs training courses globally on the latest geo-data programming techniques.

Giuseppe has a PhD from the University of Basilicata (Italy), an MSc in Geo-Information Science from Wageningen University (The Netherlands) and MSc in Forestry from Bari University (Italy).