Water Quality : NP

Seasonal Maps for the Distribution of Total Nitrogen and Phosphorus in the Streams across the US

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Longzhu Shen

Dr. Longzhu Shen obtained my Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon university with research focus on quantum chemistry with application in electronic configuration analysis and catalyst design. After graduation, Dr. Shen moved to Yale University as a research associate. He coupled quantum chemistry principles and machine learning algorithms to produce the first two-way design diagram to realise a complete mapping between toxicological and chemical spaces. He also developed spatial models to predict the distributions of nutrients in river streams based on machine learning algorithms. These models stand with the best performance in the field. Later on, Dr. Shen worked at University of Cambridge to build mathematical model to predict the evolution of influenza viruses and infer preemptive vaccine design. Currently, Dr. Shen is associated with Spatial Ecology to work on machine learning applications in geocomputations.