Big Geospatial Data Hackathon with Open Infrastructure & Tools

24–28 June, 2024  | Laxenburg, Austria

Registration fees

GEO-OPEN-HACK-2024 is a not-for-profit event organised by the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) in collaboration with Spatial Ecology. The event delves into advanced cutting-edge open techniques, tools, and best practices for efficiently handling and processing vast amounts of geospatial data. Participants will gain hands-on experience in leveraging HPC resources and geo-tools for tasks such as geospatial data preprocessing, spatial modeling and analytics, and visualization.

This page provides fee payment information. For anything else please refer back to IIASA’s GEO-OPEN-HACK-2024 webpage.

The registration fee serves only to cover part of the hosting costs. Accommodation and travel costs are the responsibility of the participants. Your registration for GEO-OPEN-HACK-2024 will only be considered complete after the fee has been paid in full* in one of the three currencies listed below. Payment details for each currency are provided further down on this page. If you or your sponsoring institution need an invoice or receipt, please contact

  • On-site attendees: EUR 200 / GBP 174 / USD 220
  • Web attendees: EUR 50 / GBP 44 / USD 55


*Payments and registration will be considered incomplete if a payment received is less than the exact amount stated above. We cannot take responsibility for any transfer charges or currency conversion costs.

Payment options


You can make a same-currency bank transfer using one of the following options:

EUR-based payments

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USD-based payments
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GBP-based payments
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Create an account in Wise using for a commission-free transfer, and pay the fee in your home currency by converting it into the GBP, EUR or USD fee value above (i.e. as on-site or web attendee). You can link your Wise account with your bank or use a credit card for the payment. Wise is the simplest and cheapest option, especially if your base currency is not EUR, GBP or USD!

Note if you can only pay by international bank transfer:

  • If you or your sponsoring institution can only pay by bank transfer in a currency other than EUR, GBP or USD, contact for details.
  • Banks can charge high transfer fees and expensive currency exchange rates that are not always apparent.
  • You must therefore ensure that any bank charges are paid separately and not deducted from the transfer amount.
  • We must also receive the full amount stated in your fee category after your bank factors in their foreign exchange rate.
  • If there is a shortfall in the course fee received, we will request you to clear the outstanding balance by making another payment, which may incur further costs for you or your sponsor.


Refund policy: A written request for registration cancellation must be emailed to the hackathon steering committee members. If registration cancellation is requested by 30th April, 2024, the full registration fee will be refunded. If a cancellation request is submitted after 30th April, 2024, we will retain 80% of the fees unless a new candidate is able to replace the withdrawing candidate.

Acknowledgments: GEO-OPEN-HACK-2024 is an initiative under the Open-Earth-Monitor Cyberinfrastructure (OEMC) project aiming to lower the barrier and transfer knowledge to users dealing with big geospatial data analytics. The OEMC has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme (grant agreement No. 101059548. GEO-OPEN-HACK-2024 is also an initiative in the framework of NSF-funded POSE project TI-2303651: Growing GRASS OSE for Worldwide Access to Multidisciplinary Geospatial Analytics.