Registration: Geocomputation & Machine Learning for Environmental Applications – 2024

Registration info

Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis and closed when 30 participants have enrolled. Therefore, we encourage participants to register ASAP. A waiting list will be established if registration exceeds 30 participants.

The course registration fee includes 84 hours of class training, student supervision, course material in digital format, lectures, sample data, and a Linux Virtual Machine with all the software installed. To register, all participants must:

  1. Complete the skills assessment and registration form here.
  2. Wait for our approval before proceeding with fee payment.
  3. Pay the registration fee. The Matera week is free but an additional EUR 100 (GBP 88 / USD 108) deposit is required along with your registration fee to secure a place and will be returned when you arrive in Matera.

Fees are applicable as per the table below.

Early bird discount: EUR 50 / GBP 44 / USD 54 less than the fees listed below if you register and pay by 28 Jan 2024.

You will be considered registered only when the registration fee has been paid in full* in one of the above fee categories, we have received your completed registration form, and we have sent you a confirmation email. If you are from a non-OECD country but sponsored from within an OECD country, then the OECD fee will apply. A full fee exemption applies if you are only attending the GRASS module, which is offered free of charge.

*Payments and registration will be considered incomplete if a payment received is less than the exact amount stated above. We cannot take responsibility for any transfer charges or currency conversion costs.

Payment options

For payment, please use one of the following options:

  • Bank transfer:
    You can pay by bank transfer (from you online-bank to our bank under the same currency) through one of the following options:
    • EU-based transfers from EUR to EUR can be made using the following bank details:

Account holder: Spatial Ecology
IBAN: BE46 9670 2668 2036
Wise’s address: Rue du Trône 100, 3rd floor; Brussels; 1050; Belgium

    • USA-based transfers from USD to USD can be made using the following bank details:
Those in the USA can use the following information to make a bank transfer.
If you do not see a straightforward option in online banking, note that most US banks are enrolled in Zelle , and some of them offer the option to make an “ACH” transfer, for which you can use our account information below. You will see the Zelle option in online banking under the “transfers” menu. Note however that the banks cannot do transfers with just an email address or phone number.
Account holder: Spatial Ecology
ACH routing number: 026073150
Account number: 8310052672
Account type: Checking
Wise’s address: 30 W 26th Street; Sixth floor; New York; NY 10010; United States
    • UK-based transfers from GBP to GBP can be made using the following bank details:
Account holder: Spatial Ecology
Sort code: 23-14-70
Account number: 80285456
IBAN: GB86 TRWI 2314 7080 2854 56
Wise’s address: 56 Shoreditch High Street; London; E1 6JJ; United Kingdom
Bank transfers in the same currency are usually commission free. See below for options in other currencies.
  • Wise transfer (
    Create an account in Wise using and send from your home currency to GBP or EUR or USD (see account details above). Use the link  for a commission-free transfer. You can link your Wise account with your bank or use a credit card for the payment. Wise is the simplest and cheapest option, especially if you pay in a currency other than EUR, GBP or USD!

Please note, if you can only pay by international bank transfer:

  • Banks can charge high transfer fees and expensive currency exchange rates that are not always apparent.
  • You must therefore ensure that any bank charges are paid separately and not deducted from the transfer amount.
  • We must also receive the full amount stated in your fee category after your bank factors in their foreign exchange rate.
  • If there is a shortfall in the course fee received, we will request you to clear the outstanding balance by making another payment, which will incur further costs for you or your sponsor. 
  • If you or your sponsoring institution can only pay by bank transfer from any other currency to Spatial Ecology’s bank accounts (GBP/EUR/USD), contact for details.
  • If you or your sponsoring institution need an invoice or receipt contact for details.

Visa requirements

You may need a visa for the in-person Matera session. Please check your visa requirements and visa issuance waiting times, ensuring that you are able to travel to Italy on a Schengen visa in time for June 2024. Check here for countries that need a Schengen visa.

Refund policy
A written request for registration cancellation must be e-mailed to If registration cancellation is requested by 01 March 2024, a refund of the registration fee will be made after deducting a processing fee of GBP 100. We will retain 80% of the fees if a cancellation request is submitted after 01 March 2024, unless a candidate from the waiting list is able to replace the withdrawing candidate.