Do not get lost in the wilderness

Using Android Mobile App for Outdoor Orienteering and Tracking

Dr. Giuseppe Amatulli
Research Scientist in GeoComputation and Spatial Science


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Version en Español
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Instrument features

  • Easy to use.

  • Location accuracy.

  • Easy and free installation of maps.

  • Store capability of off-line maps.

  • Maps load capability without data service.

  • Way-point and Tracking capability.

  • Interoperability with other platform.

  • Low consumption of battery usages.

Organize your next adventure

  • Prepare your routs/maps/satellite-images at home.

  • Pre-load maps and routs in your mobile.

  • Share the routs/maps/satellite-images with your team.

  • At least 3 persons need be able to navigate and bring all the device needed.

  • Full charge the battery.

  • Bring an external battery (powerbank) for emergency.

  • During navigation put the phone in airplane mode and in battery saving mode.

  • Close all the other apps.

App/web-platforms with Navigation and GPS capability app:

  • Easy to install and use.

  • Off-line vectors maps free to download from the app.

  • Web-platform with web-gis interface.

  • Navigation system (from – to), in off/on-line mode.

  • Voice Navigation.

  • Share location.

Ride with GPS:

  • Web-GIS mapping interface for route planner.

  • Good for planing and pre-tracking.

  • Personal account for storing routes.

  • Vector maps and satellite images visualization.

  • Common road and biking/hiking trails.

  • Auto-routing (from – to) on small road.

  • Adjusting routing using draw lines capability.

  • Import/export .gpx format → import in Locus for off-line navigation.


  • Web-GIS mapping interface.

  • Vector maps and satellite images visualization.

  • Off-line data storage only under annual subscription.

  • Vector editing/labeling.

  • Import/export gpx.

  • Good for planing and pre-traking.

Open Railway Map:

  • Web-platform with web-gis interface with railway visualization.

  • Good for planing train+bike or train+hiking trips.

Locus App:

  • Web-GIS planer for routing

    • Automatic route delineation (from-to).

    • Export .gpx.

  • Mobile app

    • Visualization of off-line maps.

    • Live recording .gpx track.

    • Import/export .gpx.

    • Share live location.

    • Pre-download capability of satellite images.

    • Off-line voice navigation via BRouter app.

    • Multi-track visualization.

Off-line vector maps:

  • Country by Country selection of off-line maps in vector form.

  • Quick-install of off-line maps for Locus.

    • From your android navigate on the

    • Navigate to your favorite map-download page.

    • Click on the “+” symbol left of the mapname you want to download.

    • Click on “Locus Map+Pois” , at this point the map is downloaded and installed in the right.

    • When the download is done you will need activate the map Click on Locus Menu → Map manager → Off-Line → Select on the map.