Spatial Ecology’s 2022 course

Geocomputation and Modelling for Vector-borne Disease

Student roster

(1) Olaitan Omitola (Olaitan)

Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta - Nigeria
Research assistant / Parasitologist and epidemiologist

Olaitan has a background in parasitology and has worked on various projects on the epidemiology and control of tropical diseases such as NTDs and malaria in Nigeria including the use of spatial analyses for disease mapping. He has more than five years’ experience conducting tropical disease research and data analyses with tools such SPSS, ArcGIS, R and Excel. Olaitan has an interest in vector biology and control, and is presently a research assistant at the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta.


(2) Ayodele Samuel Babalola (Ayodele)

Malarial Research Unit
Department of pure and applied zoology
Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria

Nigerian Institute of Medical Research (NIMR),
Molecular and medical entomology laboratory,
Parasitologist and epidemiologist

Babalola Ayodele Samuel is a parasitologist and epidemiologist, with keen interest in modeling of vectors of medical importance and vector -borne diseases . Currently Samuel is working at the Molecular and medical entomology laboratory of the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research (NIMR), Lagos where he’s working on ecological niche modelling of Anopheles and Aedes mosquitoes in Nigeria. He has a good knowledge of Vector biology, transmission of disease, biostatistics (using various packages such as SPSS, SAS) with a basic understanding of R-Programming language). He is very conversant with the use of ArcGIS software for mapping of infectious diseases. He also teaches part-time undergraduate courses in zoology and statistics. He bagged his PhD from Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta with a degree in Parasitology.


(3) Taiwo Adekunle Adenike (Taiwo)

Lecturer / PhD candidate
Human Resources Development and Lifelong Learning
Computer Science Department
Osun State University

Adenike, Taiwo Adekunle holds a Bachelor of science in computer science and master of science in computer science from the University of Ibadan Nigeria. She is currently a part time lecturer at the center for Human Resources Development and lifelong learning (computer science department) of Osun State University, Nigeria where is undergoing her PhD program. She specialises In Bioinformatics and Artificial Intelligence with special interest in Computational Epidemiology


(4) Elia Muhima Adrien (Elia)

Information Management Officer, Data Analyst and Project manager

Information Management Officer, Data Analyst and Project manager with more than 6 years of experience using mobile data collection tools such as Kobo Toolbox, ODK, ESPEN Collect, ONA… advanced data analysis using R, Power BI, Tableau, Excel, SPSS… map designing with QGIS and ArcGIS. I have proven experience in management of technology projects development, integration and staff, For several organizations as a consultant I coordinate several, nutrition, epidemiological, WASH, Socio-economic surveys, cleaned data, … designed training materials for data collection and visualization.


(5) Omolola Olojede (Lola)

Public health official, Intervention coordinator
Federal Ministry of Health - Nigeria
Coordination of public health interventions in the country

With up to 15 years work experience in the onchocerciasis elimination programme, I am involved in planning and implementing entomological and epidemiological assessments for the elimination of onchocerciasis in Nigeria. During these years, I was trained on basic ArcGIS and QGIS by the African Programme for Onchocerciasis Control (APOC).
Through my training in public health (undergraduate and postgraduate) and on-the-job experience, I have a good understanding of the importance of modelling for making predictions in health-related programmes especially as it concerns the elimination of onchocerciasis. My skills amongst others include excellent use of the computer, both iOS and Windows.


(6) Joseph Anumba (Joseph)

Senior scientific officer, NTDs
Federal Ministry of Health - Nigeria

oseph Anumba is an interdisciplinary researcher with core competence and certifications in public health parasitology, entomology, geoinformatics (GIS & remote sensing), education, ICT integration and computer programming.

His research interest is in the use of cloud computing, geospatial analytics, and advanced statistical modelling methods in health research. He has led and been part of several interdisciplinary research teams answering key research questions in the field of parasitology/epidemiology, entomology, and the built environment. He is currently a senior scientific officer in the department of public health, Federal Ministry of Health and is responsible for research in the NTDs Control and Eliminations Programme- Nigeria.


(7) Dyesse Yumba (Dyesse)

Data Manager

Dyesse YUMBA is the data manager of ESPEN collect. He holds a professional license from the “Ecole Supérieur de Gestion et d’Administration des Entreprises” (ESGAE) and has 5 years of experience as a data manager at WHO AFRO and 3 years of experience as an enterprise application developer. Dyesse YUMBA contributed to the creation of ESPEN Collect which is a set of mobile data collection services that ESPEN makes available to countries organizing mapping and impact assessment surveys.


(8) Adigun Abbas (Adigun)

Statistician / Epidemiologist / Public health professional
National Centre for Remote Sensing, Jos, Nigeria

Adigun Abbas has a background in Mathematics, and received training in Biostatistics. He also achieved a doctoral degree in Epidemiology from the Swiss tropical and public health institute, University Of Basel, Switzerland. His research interest pertains statistical modelling and Bayesian computation of large spatio-temporal data set associated with malaria, anaemia, neglected tropical disease, and epidemiology of environmental exposure.


(9) Ime Asangansi (Ime)

eHealth For Everyone
Epidemiologist/ Public health professional

(10) Abimbola Modupe Adedeji (Abimbola)

Statistician/ Public Health Professional Nigerian Institute of Medical Research, Lagos - Nigeria.

Abimbola has a background in statistics with more than ten years working experience. She has managed and analyzed many projects’ data, such as HIV, tuberculosis, hepatitis B and C, malaria, schistosomiasis, serological prevalence of Covid-19 in selected states in Nigeria, helicobacter pylori, cholera, hypertension and diabetes. Abimbola is proficient in the use of Stata, SPSS, Excel, Access, Oracle, RedCap, Survey CTO and Open Data Kit (ODK).


(11) Judith Idemili Chidumebi (Judith)

Epidemiologist / Public health professional
eHealth For Everyone

Chidumebi Judith Idemili studied Master of Science in Applied Mathematical Sciences with Climate Change Impacts Modelling at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, United Kingdom under the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Education/ Mathematics from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Her research interest focuses on mathematical modelling of infectious diseases, climate change and generally, Epidemiology. She is particularly interested in disease modelling for the mitigation of the impacts of climate-driven disease emergence and to redesign a pathway to quell future pandemics.