Western Connecticut State University 2021

BIO 401-01 / BIO 598-02:

GIS for Biology & Environmental sciences

27 January - 05 May 2021, 2.00 PM - 4.30 PM

In this course, students will learn GIS concepts by using open source software in a Linux environment, opening in this way new horizons in the use of the outstanding power processing routines. We will guide the students who have never used a command line terminal to a stage where they are able to understand and use very advanced open source data processing routines. Our focus is to provide attendees the tools and competencies to continue developing their skills independently. This heuristic approach allows participants to continue progressing and improving in an ever-evolving technology environment. The acquired skills will be beneficial, not only for GIS related application, but also for general data processing and applied statistical computing in a number of fields. These essentially lay the foundation for career development as a data scientist.